Post Bim: this is what I think..

The following is solely the opinion of Emily Narayansingh


Not so sour vibes, get it? 

Not so sour vibes, get it? 

Growing up, my dad would make my sister and I sit and write a recap of any vacation that we took. It usually was the only overtly educational thing that we did over the July/August holidays,  but it somehow felt as if he was asking for a dissertation.  After much groaning and procrastination, I would produce a pencil-written one pager. Although I am no longer required to write an essay about any vacation, it is only natural to reflect on a trip when returning home. 

For us Trinis, Barbados holds that enviable, quintessential Caribbean beauty, with its soft white sands, crystal blue waters and cloudless skies. There is Wi-Fi in many public areas and the island seems to make a collective effort to maintain a litter-free and attractive environment. With that being said, is it weird that after having such a great experience in Barbados, that this trip actually made me feel even more proud to be a Trini? 



This thought is no dig at/ shade to Bim.

Trust me, I am a fan of Barbados. I would love to lay out in Boatyard eating Chefette rotis all day. However, Trinidad is seen as the “New York” of the Caribbean. Just like NYC, Trinidad isn’t the cleanest, safest or most cushy place. There is a certain grit to it.  Grit that brings about originality and creativity in music, food, business and language. Unlike most of the Caribbean, tourism is not our main economic focus. This means that in some way, we don’t have a contour and highlight our scars to appeal to anyone else. Our art and culture is  solely for us, not just to try to attract others to their spend money. Of course we can use less pollution, crime and better customer service training. We can definitely take a few lessons from our Bajan neighbours.  Still, I am quite proud to be from the birthplace of so many staples in Caribbean culture such as  soca, steelpan, calypso and doubles. What can I say? I wine more than I wuk up? (kidding)

   (This post was really supposed to be about Bim, so enough about my feelings and here are some photos)..

Places where I ate and enjoyed

·      Chefette roti (beef and potato)

·      Fusion Rooftop in Limegrove

·      Raw Bar in Quayside Plaza

·      Green Monkey Quayside Plaza

·      Castaways

·      Artsplash Café

·      Tapas

·      Boatyard (mostly drank there but it’s a cool concept) 

A kind lady approached me in the airport while I was waiting for my 6am flight. She was pleasant and asked me if I would like to fill out a tourism survey on my overall experience in Barbados. I obliged and  I very strongly agreed that I had a great time. 

Emily x

Special thank you to Aunty Sue, Monique and Celine